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I'm Starting a Blog Again

Hi internet! I’m starting a new blog, and this time I’m going to write it in my own personal website.

I haven’t written anything since techexperience, and that was two years ago. I have a good reason for stopping though – I was sick of it. I can give you a hundred other perfectly reasonable reasons for quitting that won’t make you think bad of me, but I promise you that I have an acceptable(-ish) reason to do so.

If you’ve spent a lot of time reading on the Internet, like I do, you’ve probably heard of this kind of story. People just dissapearing or quitting out of a blog they’re creating is nothing unheard of, and you might even know them directly. Most would reason that they quit because they were busy, or maybe because their blog wasn’t reaching people, and why not? They are perfectly reasonable reasons to quit.

Mine was neither.

I was actually in a 2 months school vacation after finishing high school. And no, I wasn’t busy at all. Heck, I spent most of my time reading reddit and other weird Internet gags that I don’t even remember now. I didn’t really regret that though (maybe I really should), and I did study a bit of programming to help me get a good start in college. I thought that was enough to justify the time I lost in my vacation and boy, was I wrong. We’ll talk why I was wrong later, maybe in another post since I think I can make it quite long.

Hey, don’t judge me, it’s been 2 years but I still suck in finding ideas to write about.

A large part of why I’m starting to blog again is simply because I have more stories to tell now. In my first blog, I mostly wrote about technology, partly because I was really into Lifehacker back then and mostly because I really thought it would pick off. And it really did, well, somewhat. That, folks, is my guest post to It was crazy for me because:

  1. The blog is very popular, at least like a thousand times my monthly viewership (which ranges between 20 to 100 at that time)

  2. It was my first time writing a guest post.

I chose to write about Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and it passed through their editing team in 2 days. I did a lot of my usual stupid spelling mistakes though. After it went back and forth a couple of times, they gave me a date for when they will publish my article and that was it! On publishing day, I was really anxious on how the post would be received by their community and luckily it was well received. I got a lot of twitter hits and I actually liked blogging after that.

That was why I quit blogging. “But hey, didn’t you say that you like blogging? That guest post was your reason? F#@k this shit.”

Yes, I do like blogging because of the guest post. But I quit anyway, probably because I felt the difference between the communities. In my blog, there were usually no one reading it, and since my post was actually popular in, why wouldn’t it be popular in my blog instead? It couldn’t be my writing style, I didn’t change any of it. After 3 days of the guest post afterglow, I just couldn’t bring myself to write anymore. Maybe I simply burned out, or maybe I’m just tired of writing everyday. Either way, I think I can write again now, hopefully this time I will reach greater heights.

If you’re still with me, awesome, just a few more words from me. This is about my new way of doing things here.

  1. I won’t post news here, maybe some occasional posts about a new technology I find interesting, and you might want to share it along with some words of praise, like “brilliant tip”. I’ll try hard to make this happen. Also, I will only publish things here on a weekly basis.

  2. I built this website with Jekyll, which is this really nifty tool I found that really speed things up. Personally, I can navigate to almost every other pages here in under 1 second. If you find anything wrong during your visit here, please tell me. You can do so from my Twitter @awjya. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I may write a really stupid post that makes no sense to you whatsoever. Maybe it’s things I don’t fully understand yet (in which you do) but I promise you that I’ll do proper research on every post I write here. If I did post it anyways, then please, do your best/worst in telling me off. I apologize in advance.

If you’re still with me up to this point, here’s a virtual high five. You are awesome.